The lifting mechanism lifts or lowers the vehicle or supporting board to a certain level and then uses the horizontal moving mechanism installed in the lifting mechanism to transfer the vehicle or supporting board to the parking place or transfer the vehicle on certain parking place or supporting board to the lifting mechanism. The lifting mechanism lowers to the exit and the garage door opens to let the driver drive the vehicle away.

It fully utilizes limited space to brought the maximum benefits to the customers and strive for more parking space by small space. It has high speed, low noise and light vibration, which meets the city environmental protection requirements. It adopts intelligent control, integrated safety assurance, photoelectric instruction of vehicle entering and leaving and vehicle super-long monitor. Besides, there are sensible and reliable speed limit protection and multi-mechanical interlock to ensure the safety of vehicle and person. The garage can be set independently, or inside a building in lines horizontally. The frame structure can adopt concrete or steel structure, which enables diversified application and brings great convenience to users.