Every parking place has the supporting board. The supporting board with the vehicle to be collected is moved to the objective level through lifting, lowering and horizontal movement. The driver enters into the garage to collect the vehicle. The vehicles parking in this type of parking facility only make horizontal movement without lifting or lowering. The parking place at the upper level or lower level is moved to have space through the medium level and the supporting board is lifted to or lowered to the ground level. Then the driver can enter into the garage to drive the vehicle in or out of the garage.

It can hold many vehicles in a limited space, which greatly saves space.
It adopts module installation, which makes diversified elements combination, convenience and flexibility to meet different requirements. PLC computer control is adopted, which is of easy operation and ensures the convenient vehicle collecting. It has simple structure and stable, safe and reliable operation. There is safety hook to fully ensure the safety of the vehicle. The photoelectric detection is used to control the vehicle specification and parking place to make parking orderly. The photoelectric safety detection to carry out automatically stop when there is wrong entrance of human, which increases the safety coefficient of the garage. There is emergency stop button to stop the facility in case of emergency to avoid accident. The application of the ground level parking place is the same as that of the normal level garage.