it uses aisle stacker or bridge crane to transport the vehicle horizontally and vertically to the parking place as well as collect vehicle.

It adopts the advanced computer centralized control system and the quick and stable frequency regulation to carry out operation. Vehicle specification monitor and photoelectric alarm, safe and reliable mechanical lock and anti-dropping protection measure are provided to ensure a safer parking. The operation process and moving process of the facility adopt the whole process automatic control; and remote control can be realized to have comprehensive monitor of the facility operation process and malfunctions. This makes the operation process, malfunctions and maintenance of the facility very clear to the user, which brings great convenience.

The main moving element of the facility adopts frequency regulation, which alleviate the impact brought by start and stop and ensures stable, safe and reliable operation. It adopts entire steel structure, good shape, simple and impact structure. The structure works safely, quickly and precisely. The parts assembly adopts assemble type, which is convenient for transportation and site assembly.